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Glaik Love #14 – Fun with Memes! October 29, 2009


Memes – the inside joke of the internets

Whether they be hilarious, annoying, or just have a good ‘huh?’ factor, memes are some of the most interesting byproducts of pop culture that originate in the digital world.  Memes generally rely on a piece of content that has long been living in the realm of obscurity and gives it a shout out with a twist.  People who understand the reference immediately see the humor, along with an added ego-shot of understanding said reference, giving the person a feeling of exclusivity. And possibly warm fuzzies.


geek.jpg (JPEG Image, 290x373 pixels)

I is smarts!


This is why many of the most popular memes originate from where geeks live. Like Mordor and video games.



Anyone remember Zero Wing?

Lesser-geeks come to understand the reference later, when seeing the burgeoning meme and not comprehending why anyone would find it funny. It frustrates the lesser geeks, because, like any good inside joke, it makes them feel like it eludes to some secret inside knowledge that is not available to them. So they do their research, until they uncover THE TRUTH.



This usually leads to slight amusement. However, since there is still exclusivity, the ‘heh’ factor morphs into something a bit more powerful – knowing something your enemies and playmates don’t know.

Even in adulthood, we still all have the urge once in awhile to say ‘na,na,na,na,boo,boo’:



I know something you don't know!


And so the meme grows and spreads virally through the internets and turns into something much more awesome than it ever was in it’s previous life:



In fact, memes have become such a popular internet phenomenon that they even have their own annual shindig now.



Yes, Really – Just go and check out ROFLCon

And that, I think, deserves some applause.


Here’s To Memes!







Glaik Love!