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Glaik Love #4 March 13, 2009

I Present to You…

Silhouette Masterpiece Theater!

sihouette masterpiece theater1



Fall in Glaik Love!



Glaik Love #3

 Things that make you go Rawr!

hydraulic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeletons!



Developed by Lockheed Martin, having an exoskeleton is sure to give you a one-up in your next flag-football game.


Bionic computer arms!

military wrist computer

One of the newest military devices, this ergonomic ‘wrist’ computer includes features  none of us should without: a touch screen that is water, dust and shock resistant, a GPS receiver, biometric fingerprint sensor, and dead reckoning system.  Crunchgear



Glaik Love #2


There have been some interesting trends in furniture lately:


Now you can draw your furniture out of thin air…





Or grow it for yourself…

Grow Your Own Crystal Chair

“Venus takes shape by making the tiny crystals grow in an aquarium,  and makes its appearance over time as if the goddess herself gradually emerges from water. The natural crystal chair, which is formed by the laws of nature and embodies a beauty born of coincidence, pushes the boundaries of creativity. The work is like my message for the future.”

Tokujin Yoshioka




Sometimes artists can sound very silly.



Glaik Love #1 March 12, 2009

There is a blog that has made me fall in love.

Sometimes she posts beautiful things like this:


And sometimes beautiful things like this:

From ColorMeKatie

You can stop by ColorMeKatie and see if you fall in love, too. =)